Swim Spa Covers that make sense

We have been building spa covers longer than swim spas have been around. During that time we've learned a few things about what works and what doesn't. The typical foam filled spa cover is one of those things that Doesn't. No matter what the salesman told you, that cover is doomed to get heavy, or break or blow away. That's why we came up with something totally different.

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Since 1993

The Trouble With Normal

If you've owned your swim spa for any length of time you have probably replaced the cover already. The inherent problem is the foam.

It doesn't matter what it's wrapped in or what the tapper is, as soon as it's placed on your swim spa the steam from the water begins to work it's way into the foam.

It's not the rain. If it was only the swim spas that are outdoors would ever have a problem. It's the steam coming off the water in the spa.

So what's the answer? Get rid of the foam.


Next Steps...

You're more than welcome to go through every page on the website but if you already know you don't want to buy another cover that is just going to end up like the one you're replacing now, stop the insanity and call us