Swim Ex Swim Spas

Handcrafted in the UNITED STATES since 1986, SwimEx has actually refined fiberglass pools in aquatic swim spas, hydrotherapy pools and also plunge pools. From cutting-edge construction to one of the most innovative water current on the market, SwimEx products are more than effective, they are built to last– forever.

Making use of a state-of-the-art fiberglass technique much like the construction of high performance deluxe yachts and also aircraft, SwimEx pools are attractive, reliable as well as highly efficient aquatic workout and also therapy devices. The tested SwimEx design, integrated with unparalleled service, implies your house or facility will certainly have the very best aquatic maker with the most versatility for your room needs, capability degree, application, as well as design.

Background: The birth of a great suggestion

In 1986 fiberglass leader Everett Pearson acquired the Swim Ex paddlewheel licenses from an MIT hydrodynamist and research group. Originally identified for founding Pearson Yachts as well as bringing the first manufacturing sailing boats to market, this gifted entrepreneur combined 30 years of design experience to create the first fiberglass swim spa. With Pearson’s great ingenuity as well as vision SwimEx ended up being the leader in marine workout and also therapy for sports training areas, health centers, physical treatment facilities, health clubs, elderly areas, and personal houses.

Swim Ex is still owned as well as operated by the Pearson family.

The SwimEx 500 S Series Swim Spa is an exclusive swimming machine. This easy-to-maintain fiberglass pool has a 50″ (127 cm) water depth for severe adaptability, power and resistance. The state-of-the-art water supply has 99 speeds and an 18″ (46cm) deep current to match any kind of fitness degree. Networks on each pool side develop integrated seats for added workout options. Optional jets can be added behind each seat for optimal healing and also leisure.

A running pad, swim arrowhead and front step deal additional exercise options. Add a deep water well or an incorporated undersea treadmill to this pool for much more workout adaptability. The versatility of this swimming device is ideal for any residence, as well as SwimEx custom pool options will complement any kind of indoor or external layout.

This is the ideal pool for swim spa lovers that desire both a great work as well as a place to loosen up.

The 400 Series pools are superior swim spas with a completely level base for the ultimate in water swimming as well as workout. Showcasing 99 adjustable water speeds, a non-skid surface area and also swim arrow, the 400 Series pools can suit all ability levels. The paddlewheel-generated water current is driven by a 5-hp drive system. The water flows with a false base flooring for the best, most also water present on the marketplace.

400 OS
This wide-open, level bottom pool includes a consistent deepness of 42″ (107 centimeters) and also supplies the versatility to either drop in exercise equipment or maintain it clear for numerous customers, exercising, and also household enjoyable. The 400 OS is a one-piece pool.

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